Museum Of Illusions KL Has Reopened; Mind-Blowing Exhibitions To Explore

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Crazy about illusions, puzzles and mind games? Those simple tricks that makes you go “oooo”,“aaaa” and also the occasional “Wooooow” as your brain tries to comprehend what your eyes can’t? Then, brace yourselves because you’re in for a treat.

The Museum of Illusions Kuala Lumpur (MOIKL) is back and ready to blow your minds! After being closed for 2 dreadful years, MOIKL has reopened at the Ansa Hotel and is eager to show off their new exhibits to the crowd. Anticipate confusing yet thrilling attractions that is sure to leave you overwhelmed and at times, frustrated.

MOIKL offers up to 50 exhibits along with an interactive experience—hands-on exhibits, holograms and strange rooms at every corner— designed to amaze and thrill the young and old. 

Venture into the Vortex Tunnel and feel the ground beneath your feet move as you wobble your way through the spinning passage. Try stepping into a never-ending void called the Infinity Room, surrounded with infinity mirrors creating the illusion of infinite space. Intrigued? Then you’re most likely going to enjoy feeling like you’re floating inside a well at the Infinity Well.

You don’t want to miss the Following Eyes—an optical illusion whereby concave eyes appears to be convex. You could also stare into the eyes of P. Ramlee and witness how he watches your every move, sending chills down your spine. MOIKL hopes to provide an ‘edutainment’ for their visitors to teach them how the brain perceives what the eyes see.

“We believe it’s not merely enough to excite and thrill visitors with illusions. Instead, we want to invite our guests to discover the why and the how, and uncover the inner workings of our heads. Therefore, we want to intrigue the minds of Malaysians, change their perception and to show them that everything is not always as it seems,” says Ana Jakovac, Project Manager of MOIKL.

In addition, the exhibits also serve as awesome backgrounds for Insta-worthy pictures so get creative and show off your poses. With the angled floor, you can shrink or grow in the Ames Room just like “Alice in Wonderland”. Next, try out the Head on a Platter, in which you literally have only your head on a plate and the rest of our body seems non-existent.

Go all-out with fun, immersive and mind-boggling adventures that you’re bound to experience at MOIKL. So, don’t wait around and most importantly, don’t forget your camera!

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