Museum of Illusions KL brings back mind-bending puzzles after pandemic hiatus

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Two floors of head-scratching (in a good way!) puzzles and exhibits that will test your senses. 

AFTER being closed for two years during the pandemic, the Museum Of Illusions Kuala Lumpur ❲MOIKL❳ has now reopened, and aims to be a place for Malaysians of all ages to be equal parts entertained and perplexed, by experiencing intriguing visual, sensory, and cerebral twisters.

Located at Hotel Ansa, on Jalan Bukit Bintang, just across the street from Pavilion KL, MOIKL was conceptualised to offer an interactive museum experience to amuse and amaze visitors. It’s all very interactive and benefits from group encounters, or maybe even as an option for a date.

The redesigned MOIKL is home to 50 exhibits, including illusionistic rooms, optical illusions and a playroom with didactic games and puzzles, with elements of science, mathematics and psychology – or a combination thereof – allowing visitors to learn a lot about vision, perception, and the human brain. 

“We’re excited to finally reopen our doors after being closed during the pandemic. The all-new MOIKL is indeed bolder and better, offering Malaysians of all ages a one-of-a-kind sensory experience, right in the heart of KL. 

“MOIKL has also evolved to be a perfect place for team building activities, school excursions and brand launches, so come on over and step into the world of the unimaginable with us,” said Stanley Ng Kar Hoong, marketing and sales manager, MOIKL. 

Taking up space on two floors, there are plenty of activities for you and your friends to enjoy and maybe expand your mind. 

A highlight is the Vortex Tunnel on the second level. On the surface it’s pretty simple: just a short walkway suspended over a star-speckled cylinder. But when you step on the path, the room starts spinning, tricking your mind and body into thinking you’re spinning though, even though you’re just walking in a straight line. 

Most of the illusions and exhibits in the MOIKL operate on this principle, manipulating and playing tricks on the mind through the senses.

The Infinity Room is a special place where you can experience infinity from every single corner, thanks to infinity mirrors that create this optical illusion of infinite space. 

Following Eyes is another exhibit that is based on an optical illusion in which concave eyes appear as convex. So if you look at them for a little too long and move from side to side, the eyes of the legendary P. Ramlee will look like they are following you wherever you go.

“We believe it’s not merely enough to excite and thrill visitors with illusions. Instead, we want to invite our guests to discover the why and the how, and uncover the inner workings of our heads. 

“Therefore, we want to intrigue the minds of Malaysians, change their perception, and show them that everything is not always as it seems. In doing so, we can also educate our visitors and help them learn how our brain perceives what we see with our eyes,” said Ana Jakovac, project manager, MOIKL. 

MOIKL is filled with plenty of Insta-worthy exhibits to share online. This includes the Ames Room – the perfect place for people to have fun with their heights.

Kaleidoscope and Swap Noses are also pretty fun, allowing you to see your facial features and expressions like never before. And if you ever wondered what it would be like to have a chat or a poker game with five of your clones, check out the Clone Table.

If any of this piques your interest, go to museumofillusions.my to book your tickets.

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