Museum Of Illusions KL Reopens To Totes Blow Your Mind!

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After being closed for 2 years during the pandemic, the Museum Of Illusions Kuala Lumpur (MOIKL) has finally reopened! The MOIKL is the go-to location for the young and old to be thrilled, entertained, confused, and completely blown away, as you will be able to immerse yourself in unimaginable and intriguing visual, sensory, and educational experiences. MOIKL has an entirely new layout with more distinctive exhibits. So, are you willing to embark on this intriguing adventure?

A museum for the twenty-first century, MOI was designed to provide visitors with an engaging, interactive museum experience. The MOI brand now consists of 37 museums after the first MOI opened in the Croatian capital of Zagreb in 2015. This makes the MOI the world’s fastest-growing chain of private museums, with locations in New York, Chicago, Paris, Madrid, Vienna, Athens, Cairo, Doha, Dubai, Shanghai, New Delhi, and Toronto. Each museum is created with illusionistic spaces, optical illusions, and a playroom with educational games and puzzles. All exhibits cover science, mathematics, and psychology, allowing visitors to gain valuable knowledge about the human brain and vision through engaging and entertaining displays.

Home to 50 exhibits, the all-new MOIKL will leave Malaysians in awe. Here are some of the most intriguing exhibits that you simply can’t miss out on!

The Vortex Tunnel

Your mind and body will be duped by this strange and thrilling exhibit into believing and feeling as though the ground beneath you is moving when it is actually completely still!

Infinity Room and Infinity Well

Thanks to the infinity mirrors that produce the optical illusion of infinite space, this is a special place where you can experience infinity from every angle.  As for the latter, you now have the chance to experience what it would be like to float inside a well!

Following Eyes

Concave eyes appear to be convex in this optical illusion. Thus, if you keep an eye on them for a while and turn to the left or right, P. Ramlee’s eyes will appear to follow you wherever you go!

Aside from the trippy exhibits that will have your mind blown, MOIKL also houses a number of exhibits that are both mind-bending and Instagram-worthy. This includes the Ames Room, one of the few locations where you can play with gravity, and the Reversed Room, the ideal place for people to enjoy their height. So use your imagination and strike as many poses as you can!

The ever-popular Kaleidoscope and Swap Noses are also not to be missed. They let you see your facial features and expressions like never before. Clone Table is the place to go if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to play poker or have a quick conversation with five of your clones!

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