Looking For A Trippy Place To Impress Your Date? Try KL’s Museum Of Illusions

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After being closed for two years, the Museum of Illusions Kuala Lumpur is welcoming Malaysians back to try their fascinating adventures!

Are you intrigued by the fascinating world of illusions? If the answer is yes, well you’re in luck!

Museum Of Illusions Kuala Lumpur (MOIKL) is opening its doors to the public today (22 June 2022)! After a long two-year pandemic hiatus, they’ve come back stronger with both classic and a few new installations.

Originally from Croatia, the Museum of Illusions is also present in 37 locations around the world including New York, Paris, Istanbul, Dubai and many more. They’re also the world’s fastest-growing chain of private museums, FYI.

Here in Kuala Lumpur, there are around 50 exhibits to visit in the museum ranging from optical illusion displays to mind-bending rooms.

Activities Actually Worth Trying

Some of the exhibits that you need to try are the Vortex Tunnel, Infinity Room, Ames Room, Reversed Room, the Color Room, and the Anti-Gravity Room.

The Vortex Tunnel is by far the best experience but it’ll leave you a bit dizzy afterwards. It creates the illusion that the bridge beneath you is shaking while you’re transported to another dimension. It differs according to people but some of you will feel like you’re time travelling or space jumping (just don’t puke afterwards!).

The Infinity Room is a breathtaking space filled with mirrors and tiny little lights that change into beautiful colours. You’ll feel like you’re in infinite space with infinite stars above you. Perfect for that aesthetic OOTD or sweet couple picture.

The Color Room is nothing special but if you wanna feel like the main character in a music video, you can try this one. You’ll have different coloured shadows in this room. The pictures or boomerang here can straight up be the cover of your next album.

The Ames Room is the classic room where you’ll seem like you’re tiny on one side and you’re huge on the other side. You better put your best acting game here so you won’t look awkward while posing in front of the staff that’ll help you take your pictures.

The Reversed Room will require you to lie down on the ground for a cool I’m-hanging-from-the-ceiling effect. This one requires a bit of stretching and a pose like the ‘side-lying leg raise’ exercise. Good luck with that.

The Anti-Gravity Room works best if you stand at the entrance at a 45-degree angle, far away from the mirror at the end. You’ll look like you’re tilting like the legendary Micheal Jackson in the mirror! Bust some Smooth Criminal dance moves while you’re at it.

For more awesome photo opportunities, try the Kaleidoscope, Swap Noses (you’ll have a great laugh with this) and Infinity Well.

Test Your Brain Power With Puzzles

If you like puzzles, then this is also a great place for you. Not only do they test your eyes here, but they also test your brain with edutainment puzzles.

Try your best to free the desired block from the box (sort of like the Unblock game) and make pyramids or spheres out of wooden puzzle pieces. It’s gonna take you a long time but when you do finish the puzzle, you’ll walk out of the museum feeling like Einstein!

Usually, most people would spend an hour and a half or two hours here if you try out all the exhibits.

Take lots of pictures and enjoy your time there!

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