Experience the Unbelievable! Museum of Illusions Kuala Lumpur

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Looking for an interesting and fun place to spend your weekend well? Located in the heart of KL city within the Bukit Bintang area, Museum of Illusions (MOI) Kuala Lumpur is a must-visit attraction which engages in over 50 astonishing and mind-bending exhibits!

With locations in more than 30 cities worldwide, Museum of Illusions began as a unique project which quickly developed into one of the education and entertainment destinations with the quickest growth. It has now quickly established itself as a recognizable brand and leading attraction in each city where it is launched, including Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In the Museum of Illusions, you will definitely shock your senses and puzzle your perceptions as there are some amusing and awesome tricks that will confuse you completely for what you saw but at the same time educate you about vision, perception, the human brain and science. People of all ages can have an interactive, intriguing and educational experience in this unbelievable fascinating world of illusions. There are some impressive illusions that are recommended to experience in the Museum!

Beuchet Chair

By just looking at the photos, you know that it does not look normal right? It’s hard to imagine how the objects surrounding can affect the perceived size of a person. In the Beuchet Chair Illusion, you can explore the laws of perception and play with different roles and sizes!

Ames room

In this Ames room, walking back and forth will either grow or shrink right before your eyes. This ordinary room will make you experience an amazing visual illusion that plays with our perceptual understanding of depth! 

Swap Noses

This trippy nose mirror is suitable for you and your friends to enjoy together! You and your friends have to stand on one and another one on another side to make your mouth and nose swapped with each other. You guys will definitely burst out laughing after seeing the result!

Reversed Room

Have you tried to change your view of the world by 180 degrees? In the Reversed Room, it will enable you to take some interesting upside down photos that can show off to your friends!

Infinity Room

The Infinity Room will definitely be an impressive exhibit in your heart as there are mirrors at full heights installed all around you, which create an optical illusion of an infinite space! Also, it is a space that can let you take beautiful and great pictures!

The Vortex tunnel

When you step into the Vortex tunnel, it will be unimaginable for you as the illusion will confuse your brain! Even though the flat is totally stable and flat, it will make you feel like you’re losing ground while walking on it!

Head on the Platter

Have you ever imagined that your head is being put on a tray? Well, the Museum of Illusions will complete your imagination! You can experience the illusion of your body hidden without getting hurt here!


In the impressive world of kaleidoscopes, you can kaleidoscope yourself and create amazing, colourful and unique patterns only by yourself!

Smart Playroom

There is also a Smart playroom that is equipped with Dilemma Games, wooden puzzles and brain teasers that will blow your mind. People of all ages can play and learn inside with impossible knots, tricks and mathematical games!

Gift Shop

Lastly, it’s a pity if you don’t buy some souvenirs and gifts from their Smart Shop! After experiencing all those illusions, there is a Smart shop selling some wooden puzzles, educational toys, usual merchandise that can let you challenge,play and keep as souvenirs at home! There are also a lot of products that you can buy as a gift to your youngsters.

The followings are the recommended exhibits that you must try:

Ames room

The Vortex tunnel

Infinity Room


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