February 18- March 19, 2023
10:00 am- 10:00 pm

Become a Master of Art and Illusions!

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Become a Master of Art and Illusions!

There is a lot of fun in school, but did you know you can earn a diploma in Master of Art and Illusions? 

Spend this holiday in the most exciting place in Kuala Lumpur and have a SERONOK time!

From 18 February until 19 March, you can join various activities such as:

3D optical drawing

  • Our staff will teach you how to draw illusions.
  • You can bring home your artwork as a souvenir.
  • Optional, you can buy a frame. 

Dilemma Games Challenge

  • Try to solve each puzzle within one minute.
  • Egg puzzle, Soma cube, Broken heart.

Photo Challenge

  • Take a picture in all rooms and post it on your Facebook and Instagram.
  • Rooms: Ames room, Beuchet Chair, Tilted room, Infinity room, Vortex tunnel.

Once you complete all tasks, you will receive a diploma in Master of Art and Illusions. Also, you will get a Bendy pencil to show your new knowledge. 

Not only will you have a chance to show your skill in our illusion school, but you will also enjoy more than 50 exhibits featuring holograms, stereograms, optical illusions, and immersive rooms designed to tease the senses and trick the mind. So, get your tickets now to ensure your entrance to the world of illusions.

We are open every day from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Our lovely staff is here and available to help you get the most memorable photos together! 

Visit us in Ansa Hotel, Bukit Bintang!

"What is an illusion? Is it something that tricks your mind and gets you to believe in its truthfulness when really there’s no such thing as true or fake; just optical illusions for those who want them (and can handle)the Knowledge bombs waiting at every turn!"